Friday, October 23, 2009

Mood of the Day (sort of)

NOT sure if this going to work,.. I am trying to blog through Windows Live Writer, a free software bundled together with Window Life Essentials, for bloggers… Erm, took quite a sometimes to install. But hey, it is worth a try.

Seem easier to post video from youtube…

Mood of the day; for all my online friends… ehek

Satu Penantian

Kau yang ku sayang
Dari dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya
Sebelum kenal dirimu
Sebelum jumpa dirimu
Kau sering datang dalam mimpiku

Kata hatiku
Selalu membisik kau adalah milikku
Biar lama pun kutunggu
Saat kedewasaanmu
Daku tak pernah jemu menantimu

Disaat ku sendiri
Ku bayangkan wajahmu
Terkadang ku berilusi
Tentang dikau dan aku

Ku harapkan semua ini
Esok kan jadi kenyataan
Dan aku berjanji
Kan ku bahagiakan dirimu selamanya

Kuharapkan semua ini
Akan segera terjadi
Dan semoga nanti
Bukan hanya sekadar impian belaka


Arrr, feeling today!..

Saturday, October 17, 2009


BEFORE I start, kindly watch this video first...

Eheheh, now I got your attention to reckon with...

Swan sculpture during Sibu Lantern Festival 2009

Whoa! Got a lot to do these few months, and thanks to facebook again, I am too tired to blog anything.

Posing during the Lantern Festival.
I know, I know,.. I'm not photogenic

Went to several places these past few months... A week after Raya, I drove my family to Kuching, the farthest journey I drove so far. Abah (dad) is supposed to have an eye operation in Kuching since the ophthalmologist has moved there. To my dismay, the specialist postponed the operation because my father is still not well enough to undergo such procedure. The scar of his previous right toe amputation has not completely healed.

Sarikei is famous for it's pineapple

Town of Sarikei

Pineapples are everywhere

An express boat in Sarikei

A week after that, I went to Sarikei to meet a friend. Stayed overnight there and went back to work on the next day. One and a half hour journey by bus is quite relaxing, except that I have to hold on my bladder for a long time... Note to myself: create an apparatus so I can discreetly relief myself when the unexpected happened. Ahaks

3 days ago, Lai called me for help. He decided to transfer to Sibu again,..

My good friend, Lai

"What happened in Tanjung Manis?" I asked.

"Aku dah sik tahan diam sia... (I can't stand leaving there any more...)"

So, I took an emergency leave (hik) and took an express boat to Daro, meet Lai there, and drove straight to Sibu. Arrived back to Sibu exactly at 0000 (midnight). Ahaaaa... I loves travelling a lot.

Road to Daro (image: Flickr; onggon's photostream)

Daro (image: Flickr; onggon's photostream)

Believe it or not, this is Chung Hua Fire Brigade, in Daro. :P

Sometimes, without any excuse, I would help any friend in distress, indeed.