Friday, July 31, 2009

Unplanned Getaway

HAD a sudden urge to go elsewhere, anywhere, as long I could forget about Sibu for a while.

This is Lai, 36.

Then, out of a sudden, two nights ago Lai asked me to accompany him all the way to Daro. He is transferring to Tanjung Manis and wanted to send his Avanza back to his home town, to his wife's home in Matu, to be exact. He do not dare drive there alone since it was a long and tedious journey. Quite risky too, because we will taking the same route which has claimed the life of his cousin. Turn out, his late cousin was the same friend (Supian) I had lost early of this year! Small world, indeed.

(Click here and here for previous post on Supian)

Next day, with all the thought, I approached towkey-nyior, asking for half day leave for the day and next, promising her that I will be back on Thursday. Asking for a leave is almost impossible for me.One thing that I have learnt by working with these hard-working people, that there is no such thing as leave nor rest! And this is one of a reason why I need to find another job. I do need a break!

Guess what excuse that I have to conjure this time? Ehehe, sudden death of close family, and I have to drive my family all the way to Matu. And guess what my towkey-nyior excuse for not letting me go this time? "Lu mesti pegi meh?" (Do you have to go?). Wah... even if this is a real situation, even if my parents died, or even if I was killed in any god-forbits accident, I will be still required to come work. Gees,.. I really need a break.

Reaching home, I told my mom about my unplanned journey and the excuse I had to tell to my towkey-nyior. I have to tell my family about this, hoping that they will not show-up unnecessarily at my office. gulp!

So, my journey with Lai, supposed to start at 1400, was late yesterday, around 1630. True to a Malay customs and believe, I invited Lai to had a quick late lunch at my home, because he told me he have not touch any rice since two nights ago. He was too busy packing his stuff that he only managed to buy MacDonald's and KFC's takeaway. Doesn't wanted him to get poonek or kempunan (jinx), especially with me around...

The fact that Lai asked me to accompany him has a unique twist with it. Because of his phone keeps ringing every five minute, I offered to be the driver for a while. For a while? Turned out, I was the driver of the Avanza all the way to Daro. I think it is Lai that accompany me to our destination, not the way around. ehehehe.

1800. Arrived at Selangau for a short refill of fuel. Erm, Sadly the Shell petrol station here does not participate in Bonuslink points reward yet. We then proceed our journey to Mukah. Did I tell you that I was the one woh drive the Avanza? ehehe

Selangau-Mukah (via Sibu-Bintulu route) was and still under construction and very precarious. I never push the pedals more that 30km/h. It was like driving off-road. 4WD vehicle is recommended for this type of road. Even though the Avanza is an automatic transmission vehicle, I keep using 2nd level gear just for a safety and easy control. One amusing site we have encountered is after the dust ahead of us was cleared, an ugly dog stood in the middle of the road staring at us. It reminded me of a cowboy one-and-one scene.

1700. The sky was long darkened and we are still stuck in this road. Like a scary movie, the Avanza was the only vehicle that still moving at this hour, with occasional one or two big lorry passing us by. Now I understand why Lai asked me to accompany him, or was it he to accompany me? Note to myself: Next time start the journey very early in the morning!.

2030. We finally reached Balingian Junction. Wow, this is the best straight and smooth road I have came across so far! Imagine that, two hours of straight road.

Finally, we've reached Mukah

2215. We reached our first destination: Mukah... A pretty quiet town at this hour. Finding our bearing here was a nightmare. Good thing Lai's cousin was waiting for us. We had our dinner at one of a Mamak (indian-Muslim) restaurant that was still opened. The Avanza was very dirty as you can get. From this time onward, if I saw any dusty vehicle pass by in Sibu, I will assume it must be from Mukah. ehehehe. Lai's cousin work the Water Treatment Building, giving an opportunity for Lai to wash his Avanza there. Free water! We stayed overnight in Mukah and I snored heavily due to tiredness... ZZZZZZ (I guess you must be sleepy reading this unofficial report)

July 30rd, 2009

0630. Woke up very early today just to sample the fresh air of Mukah. Very refreshing indeed. Very clean town. This time I am a total alien in this town. Most of the people here speaks in Melanau, a language that I have yet to mastered.

1015. After refuelling the Avanza we continued our journey to Daro. Erm, finding an exit from Mukah is like a fish in a trap. Easy to get in, very hard and confusing to get out! The journey was smooth with occasional bumps. Open burning is still visible along the way. Taking the old route to Daro is rather fun for me.

Straight Road from Mukah to Daro

Embarking a Ferry to cross the river

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
An old road to Daro.
There is a new one, but we mistakenly used this route.

1215. Sadly I have reached my final destination, Daro. Lai dropped and thanked me here just before I managed to take the next express boat back to Sibu. He continued his journey to Matu on his own this time. Along the way, my phone keeps ringing. The office just wanted to confirm if I could reached Sibu in time.

On board of Ekspress Begawan Laju, Sibu-Daro-Sibu.
Fare: RM17 per trip

Reaching Sibu, Wisma Sanyan is visible.

1430. Reached Sibu, feeling sad, yet refresh, and went straight to my office to work.

Thanks Lai,.. I really need this type of getaway.

P.S:// Towkey-nyior asked me what happened to my family's car? Just answered her that I went back alone. Another cousin of mine would drove them home... hik hik hik

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Revamping again...

A little bored with nothing to blog at the moment, I took the opportunity to revamp my blog, though it is mere cosmetically.

Thanks to orang muar for providing me the picture of Sibu's night sky for my headers. Really appreciate it, bro! Datang lagi Sibu jangan lupa kontek yek! ehehehe.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Children See, Children Do

A friend from facebook emailed me this:

An advertisement from Australia, urging people to make positive influence towards children. A good advert, indeed.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2009

(Click the above logo for more info)

BCF started late this year. The annual festival, that used to be held on June, is now started from July 3rd till 11th, is claimed to be grander in spite of the economic resession and the impact of the H1N1 flue. (Grander BCF This Year; Eastern Times, June 19th, 2009)

Even the Maori were invited to perform this year. (Maori cultural troupe to perform at BCF 2009; Eastern Times, July 7th, 2009) Ehehehe... Can't wait to watched them.

(posing at the recent BCF's parade)