Thursday, August 28, 2008

Merdeka ke-51: Selamat Hari Jadi, Malaysia

COUPLE of days more for the Independence Day. No, Not talking the last years movie, eh. You know what I'm talking about. Selamat Hari Jadi, Malaysia ku.

For this reason, I always anticipate Petronas Advertisement.

Patience, perseverance and hardwork
paves the road to success.
Happy 51st Merdeka.

Do click on Petronas Greeting for other videos...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AFTER much thought and considered opinion from the people around me, I have made my decision. It was hard. Part of me wanted to go, and the rest told me to stay.
Ditelan mati mak, diluah mati bapak
  • Tried the Pro & Cons Approach: - ah, same result!
  • Tried asking for firm opinion from friends: - some are for, and some are against. Interestingly, most (not all) of positive opinion I got are from the people from the Government Sector.
  • Tried to bring it into my dreams, just in case: - Did not remember anything accept for a background song sung by Illyana. Huh, just like talking about my dream's soundtrack!
  • And tried my last resort: - called the office directly this morning and asked for more information. What I did find out that there is no permanent vacancies available, and this post was not in the past advert that I have applied for. The higher pay is already included with the allowance.
So, I've decided to
DECLINE the offer
and wait for another chance
(which may or may not come by...)
Did thank the person (Mr. Dusil) for his consideration and asked him to call me if anymore vacancy available in the future, especially for Sibu or Kuching.

Thank your all for your opinions, heated forum in Mychubs (mirc Dalnet), friends from BBM and YM last night.

Guess that I will stay longer here than expected… ehehe

Monday, August 25, 2008

Undecided (Help!)

AROUND 1430 hrs today, in the middle of bz-nak-mampus-MonDay, I got a call that I did not expect to receive.

“Sekejap yer” a soft spoken voice was heard. Hmm, must be a cute girl. What have I done this time? “Sapa lah nak mintak bayar hutang nih…” I thought.

Ini dari Lembaga Lada Hitam. Ada datang interview tempoh hari tak?” And I answered yes. Oh o, finally I got the long waited result. This should be good.

Dukacitanya dimaklumkan permohonan anda gagal.

What the F**K! Taking all the trouble just to inform my application was rejected. Probably this is the government new policy to be more transparent – directly call just to tell us the down-in-the-drain results rather than leave it for at least 6 months.

Tapi pihak kami ingin menawarkan satu kekosongan sebagai Pembantu Hal Ehwal xxx…" (xxx is used because I really don’t remember the last word)

“… di MIRI...” Oh oh.

“...taraf kontrak...” Double trouble!

“...gaji lebih kurang sama dengan N17...” Hmmm

“...lapur diri 2 haribulan 9 nih...” Er, no comment.

Encik boleh hubungi saya esok untuk memberi jawapan.” What? Less than 24 hours to think about it and reply?

Arghh, what should I do? My mom, hearing the news, immediately call my aunt in Miri that I will be coming. Wuyooo, Blom apa2 dah ketuk beduk!

Undecided, I started to send sms most of my friend about this and ask for their opinion.

Currently, after more than 40 sent messages; got few replies.:
  • Misia: (voice call) Ala, nama jampat amai kita kat gi dien? Nyau la kawan aku situk. Pagilak aku gi Kapit 3 ari, tinduk diak. ok bai.
  • Johan CBO: (voice call) Aih, amik ajak, ada mak madah tek, rugi ko sik amik... mcm tempat aku tok, cekgu sandaran ya, seribu lebih gaji ya.
  • Klangchub: Tak yah g lah erk. Bunyi mcm xbest jer. Ermmm... Kalau g jugak, makin jauh la kita.
  • Jamil Sibu: Gaji brp? Taraf hdp miri mahal.
  • Mil Matsak: (1st sms) Venture ba, apa salahnya. (2nd sms) Bila nk celebrate tuk? Sblm kau chow, jelaskan rm150 dolok hehehe... (3rd sms) Jgn d pikir gilak. Pegi ja krna masa dpnya bah. Enjoi blh d cari & jumpa d mana2, yg ptng masa dpn mak oi!
  • David Medica 013: Boleh cuba.
  • SexlyChub: Kalo gaji skel spm utk apa..
  • Isot JPJ: Trimak jak.Bgs ya.Kontrak brapa?
  • Hasan JPJ: (voice call) Apahal madah aku? Hahaha, takut ko lekat kat kotrak ajak, mcm Lembaga Lada Hitam di Lanang ya, byk kontrek sampei bertahun2. Takut sidak tuk sakit nak konfirm.
  • Fadzly Klang: (voice call) kalo setakat naik RM200 jer tak yah ler... Ko gi sembahyang istiqarah la mlm nih.
  • Jason sibo: Hey bagusla klu mcm2,ada ofer.rezeki u,jgn tolak,bkn senang nak dpt.ambil saja ofer 2, peluang skali saja klu x kena tungu byk tahun. congratulation!

Erm, how do I choose?

In the mean time, it's time for me to write my resignation letter, just in case...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the Andromeda Strain (2008 miniseries)

RAINS came down heavily in Sibu throughout the day today. Feels bored because of my off-day today yet unable to get out, I skimmed through my entire DVD that I have bought yet have no time to watch. Ok, I lied; - I do have time to watch them, but chose to lepaq with friends in the town instead. Then, sue me!

Ah, the beauty of pirated DVD... ehehe, complete season of latest miniseries just for RM6, only in Sibu. Mentioned of time, I bought it three weeks ago wondering if the miniseries could compete with the adrenaline rush I had by reading the original Novel years back.

The Andromeda Strain is a 2008 science-fiction miniseries, based on the novel published in 1969 by Michael Crichton about a team of scientists who investigate a deadly disease of extraterrestrial origin. In 2004 the Sci-Fi Channel announced that they would produce a miniseries of The Andromeda Strain. Since that time the project has shifted to the A&E Network. The miniseries originally aired as a four hour two part mini-series, with part one premiering in America on May 26th and part two on May 27th, 2008. The series had previously aired in the UK on May 11th.

The tagline of the series is: It's A Bad Day To Be Human.

P/S: 1. source of description: Wikipedia; 2. check-out the e-book they used in the miniseries, wish that I had one!

Trivia: In the source novel by Michael Crichton, the main scientists were mainly white (presumably) heterosexual men, but Robert Schenkkan, who wrote the teleplay for this remake made the decision to change the characters' ethnicities, sexualities, and genders because, he said in a May 2008 interview with Brent Hartinger on, "If you're going to update the story, which is our mandate, you have an obligation to reflect the world as it is." Schenkkan further said that he decided to include the brief reference to Keene (Rick Schroder) being gay because of a principle invented by Crichton in the original novel, the "Odd Man Hypothesis," which states that in a time of crisis, an unmarried, unattached person [Crichton specified a man] with no family to distract him would have the best chance of making rational, unbiased, unemotional decisions.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


HUH, my heart is now torn between few choices I made...

  • Nak makan nasik berlauk sup ayam atau ikan goreng bersambal?
  • Nak makan megi jer atau boh telur skali?
  • atau keluar jer, tapau?


Karaoke for the Deaf

Sunday, August 17, 2008


datang lagi...

Heh, what r u doing this Merdeka?

Don't forget, Ramadhan starts at the same day! ehehe

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ipin & Upin (TV9)

FOR the TV channel that I love to hate, surprisingly, it has the best series, which by far, has taken my heart away! *sign*

Any rebellious youngsters (and adults too!) that frequently watch TV9 must probably are forced to watched them by their parents. Good for you! Sapa suruh u all lawan orang tua? Kan kena hukum tengok TV9? Hahaha!

Thanks to ASTRO, almost every night, my parents frequently get hold of the remote and switched to TV9… the Quran recital, Nasyid, etc.. are on air. You get the idea: this channel is catered to Muslim viewers, in general, and Malays in particulars. For those who live anywhere beside the Peninsular, you can watch them in through ASTRO or through the net.

To be somewhat fair, the cutest and best series it has offered is not from the TV itself - I got it from You Tube.

Ipin & Upin. – The best local animation so far, and was aired exclusively by TV9 (Aisey, 20 points for TV9). I can’t believe my eyes (and mind too!) that I love to watch them. Even though it was sooooooo last year, for me, it is quite refreshing.

Just hopes that TV9 will keeps to its mark! Dekat di Hati.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kenduri Kesyukuran & Kegelapan!

KENDURI Kesyukuran & Kegelapan

What's in the hell does both of the above got in common? Guess what, both were held at the same day (yesterday)... and I've experienced it with mixed feelings - gratitude and disgusted!

Kenduri Kesyukuran

We held a small kenduri yesterday, for my second brother who will be going to PULAPOL next week. His application to be a policeman is finally accepted. Heh, just hope that this young everyday rioters will be a good serviceman in the future.

One advice I gave him: Your room is mine!

Now, looks like I'm the last one who still has no luck in government sector. *sigh*

P/S: Anyone knows the simple English colloquial for Kenduri? To call it as Thanksgiving Ceremony is too American!, and no turkey!

Kegelapan (Blackout!)

It is good thing that the kenduri was held on the evening (started around 1630hrs). Just around 1830hrs, power blackout occured throughout Sarawak (except for Bintulu), twice yesterday, and once today (0800hrs). If not for the blackout, I would post this blog yesterday.

Because of the blackout, we had to keep the front door open. It was hot. It’s nice to have a wonderful fresh breeze of air that night. Me and my family, together with some relatives gathered around, chatted about any topic that came out that night, with occasional sound of slapping, now and then!

Dammed those mosquitoes!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

OFFICIAL Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer.

Be patience, though, the movie will only be released on Nov this year.

Got to go, there's going to be a kenduri held at my home this evening... But that's another story... ehehe

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hazy Sibu

"JINGLE bell, jingle bell, and jingle all the way… The Haze is coming to town!" Ehehe.

About four days already, Sibu has not received any rain. The atmosphere was quite hot, even though it’s windy. And the day time was quite longer than usual for these past few days.

  • 0800hrs – The sky was quite cloudy today, with few visible spot of blue sky. But the air was dry.

  • 1200hrs – What can you expect with one hot afternoon? Dry air, burning heat (figure of speaking, of course) and tired sore eyes. After having lunch at home, I took the liberty of taking a short nap. Ehehe, the perk of my jobs!

  • 1500hrs – Erk! It’s official. Haze has just arrived in Sibu. And some people started to cough… Makes me wonder, if it caused by me, smoking recklessly. Ahaks. When will you felt that you are somewhere in urban London, or Europe, or Paris at this hour? “Wah, teringat merk masa kat Genting, yu…” I jokingly exclaimed to my colleagues.

  • 1630hrs – Erm, talking about ironic, rains drizzled in the town for a moment. At least it will compensate the hot weather today… Or maybe not, when I reached home, it was plain dry as nothing ever happened.

Read on the internet, hazy days are expected to continue for a little longer. Erm, this has becomes a new season for Malaysia. Every year, it’s the same. What can we do, besides the usual stuff, is turning it into a contest: which place has the highest API reading and vice versa. I bet you’d be proud if your place top in the Chart of Malaysia Top API.

In the mean time, do let me light my cigarette. Ehehe. *poof*

Further readings:

  1. The StarOnline, Expect more hazy days,Wednesday August 6th, 2008
  2. BorneoPost Online, Forest fires spark haze fear, Monday, August 4th, 2008
  3., Same time of year again - Haze is back, by Malaysia Haze
  4. Recommendation For Public in Case of Haze Emergency (API>500)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Uh, Recurrent Mistakes! (a.k.a. History)

AFTER more than 9 years, I got a sms message from someone I knew, dearly. Ah, DiGi-KL #. After more than 9 years, my ex (S, for short, ehehe) gave me a call... Huh, Daddy M must gave S my #. So, we conversed, as expected, and S has the nerve to ask me if I still loves and missed S!

"I do, partially" - my sincere replied.

And both of us keep exchanging sms... No calls for now, except from S's side. My credits will easily run out like water if I did.

Still, I'm wary now... The loves and pains between us still linger in my heart. This is what we called history. History is an event that took place and will repeat itself. Thus, at this moment, my history is going to resurface itself, again and again... Until now, I haven't got any apology from S on what happened between us, especially in Kulai.

Just this evening, S sent me another sms, telling me that there is 2 anak-ikan keeps sending S messages, one in Seremban and another, Telekom's staff, somewhere in Selangor. When I asked why must S tell me this even though we are not couples anymore, S replied;

"Lupa lah.kita penah couple? saja je nk citer kat ko.aku tau,ko masih lagi minat n nk kan aku kan?" - S's exact sms.

(Forgot. Have we ever coupled b4? Deliberately to tell you. I know, U still adore and want me, aren't u?)

I then replied;

"Udah la. Usah ditambah ego tuh. Camanapon kenangan lalu tinggal kenangan.Ada baik nya kita dok jauh, tak nyusah sesapa, tak berhutang apa2. Ko dgn dunia ko, aku dgn dunia ku. Biar sedikit pertindihan. Usah ditambah, jgn dikurang."

(Stop it. Don't increase ur ego. Let the past memories becomes memories. There's a good reason both of us lives further apart. Urs in ur world, and mine in my world, won't troubles nor owe anybody else. Let there be some overlaps but don't add more nor decrease)

Our conversation abruptly end here, at the moment.

Hanya Kau dan Aku - Haizat AF6:

Perpisahan - Anuar Zain (OST Cinta):

Monday, August 04, 2008

What's this with Cats & Dogs?

REALISED it or not, I'm an animal lover, especially for cats. I can tolerate dogs too, even though I'm a muslim.

Currently, I have 7 pet, just love them. I, however, have thought of neutered some of them, but my mom doesn't allowed me to do it, stating that it is cruel.

Some of the strange facts of my cats and dogs rearing:
  1. Most of my cats originally are stray cats. Once and a while, bringing one or two kittens (sometimes adult/pregnant) home makes my mom furious!
  2. In 2000-2006, when renting a home in Kota Samarahan with my former partner (an avid animal lover as well), we did rears up to 25 cats at the same time! Just imagine the awe that we get from the neighbour (and irks from the landlord, ehehe)
  3. At the same year, I confess, reared 3 stray dogs at my workplace. The dogs were abandoned by the neighbor when they moved away. Feeling sorry for the dogs, I started to feed them. It's true, the dogs, no matter how big and fierce they are, are loyal to the one who feeds them.
  4. The last time I praised a black puppy for it cuteness was in 2005. I remembered when I told my neighbour that his chained puppy was the cutest eva, he just smile. The next day it was gone. When I asked neighbour's daughter about it, to my horror, the puppy was their special menu for dinner. Yikes!
  5. In my life, I have reared a three-legged cats; a paralysed kitten; a cat that allergic to human (sneeze everytime when people touch her!); a purely white cats that thought that she was a royalty; a cat that when she took a nap in front of a toilet, looks very much alike as a wash-out rug (kain buruk la) and a an adult cat, that has seizure every now and then.

Rascal Flatts - What Hurts the Most

ARGH!!! Mental block at this hour... What the heck I'm doing ere?

Following clip, What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts, is dedicated the one that I loves dearly... may your soul rest in peace, sayang.

This time lets this clip tell you how do I feel right now.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Achmed, the Dead Terrorist

THIS video is funny... Just wanna share to you all for fun... Caution, some joke material used might offended you. Enjoy with care!

Silent! I'll Kill You!!!

How to save video from Youtube / and some info on FF3

LET me share to you few tricks of mine... some of you might find an interesting video from youtube and wish you can save it in your computer.

A - download and install youtube-downloader-ultimate from apowersoft (just look for it in google/yahoo) and use it at your own perils. Copy the link from youtube (at the link-bar menu of your browser) and you can convert it straight away to you prefered format. However, the quality is pathetic!

B - my style:
  • Install Firefox3 (FF3) as your internet browser
  • Install Adobe Flash Player, currently version 9 for Firefox
  • Install Adobe Media Player, or latest version of Real Player, with the former is preferable. You might be asked to install Adobe AIR as well... just accept it!
  • Under Add-on (Tool - Add-ons of FF3) Get DownloadHelper
When visiting Youtube site, the DownloadHelper icon will automatically activate, thus you can quick-save with an ease of a mouse-click. While downloading, you can proceed to other link of your prefereble video, and keep adding files to download. All files are save in flv format, though, i.e flash format. Do not convert them in avi format (these feature are available in DownloadHelper) since avi mean that u can only listen to sound, not picture. Unless you're happens to download a soundtrack/songs from youtube. Adobe Media Player, is a good player to play all these flash movie. Try to look for video with HD (high-definition) quality.

Not just youtube... DownloadHelper will save any video/clip you like from any site you visited. Trust me, this comes very handy if u stumble (or deliberately, ehehe) to a free downloadable porn site. Wah, what a pervert!

Up-to-date, FF3 is the most secure and realible browser to use. It is fast, doesn't consume much memory as IE and more stable.

Some of my fav and useful add-on feature that I loves to share:
  • PicLense - your FF3 browser now becomes a 3D browser, something like Vista., but better... very cool indeed. Don't worry, my computer was purchased 8 years ago, with a much slower power (RAM and such) than what u might have... but FF3 is a heaven for me. Btw, PicLense also works with other type of browsers.
  • Colorful Tabs - colors (US English!) every tab in different colour... Pretty!
  • Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer - sinchronized your bookmarks when u use more than one computer (in your office, and another in your home).
  • Undo Close Button - the tittle said it all!
The only downside of FF3, is you cannot visit Microsoft Homepage for any upgrades/installation (huh, go figures!). In other words, don't uninstall your IE just yet!

Worthwhile sites to explore:

Stuck in this blog

AH, so many hours already.. and I'm still poking around in this blog. Haven't done much, though. Only that I have add a few features which might be useless for any reader to explore.

What have comes in my mind is still being unable to be written nor produce on this page, yet. Heh, with the thought that I can delete any post that I want, makes me sure to write any garbage in this post... Told ya! Better u all skip to other blogs, instead of mine... eheheeh

For the time being, enjoy this video, while its last!