Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Year

ANOTHER year passed by in my life. I'm 34 today.

TV3's Wanita Hari Ini ran a show on Andartu (Spinster) yesterday. Although the show was hillarious because of the jokes by Harith Iskandar and Adibah Noor, I kept my distance from watching the shows. You know, the usual stuff, all the remarks that our parents will throw on us...

Sadly, I still rated my self as under achievers. No resolution for this year. Got a lot of issues to catch-up with my life. Your support (morally, of course) is higly appreciated.

Thank for all the greeting from my friends, especially those from facebook. Love you guys!

Pokcik pon pokcik la...
Kire aku dah jadi daddy-type ler nie!

Friday, June 19, 2009


DROPPING by at the Shell Service Station to refuel my ride this afternoon, a teenager attendant in her early twenties, I guess, greeted me...

" Pakcik, nak berapa?" (Uncle, how much do you want?)

"Huh?"... prentending to be a little deaf, asking her to repeat what did she say.

"Pakcik, petrol nak berapa?" (Uncle, how much petrol do you want?)

Without uttering any word, I just raised my open hand, indicating 5.

"Pakcik nak petrol RM 5 ? Pakcik biasa pakai yang Super kan?" (Uncle, you wanted RM5 worth of petrol? Uncle, you used to the Super type, aren't you?)

I just nodded, giving her RM10, together with a smile. The teenager then refilled my ride and hand over RM 5 change to me.

"Ni baki nyer RM5, pakcik. Terima kasih..." (Here is your RM5 change, uncle. Thank you...)


Next Wednesday (June 24th) I will be 34. But felt the toll of 43 when the teenager calls me Uncle. I am soooooooo old already! Isk...

Muka punya la jambu macam nie pun orang dah mula panggil pakcik. Waaaaa!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


NOTHING to do or brag about for these past few weeks... Thanks to facebook, seems that all of the idea has been poured into it, leaving virtually nothing to blog. isk isk isk... Damn you, facebook!

A week ago, Abah celebrated his birthday at the hospital. My family and I gave a surprise wishes to him on that day, which fell on the same day as Agong's (Malaysia's King/Ruler) birthday. Aisey, have to adressed him as 'Tuanku' after this. Even the nurses pitched in by singging the Birthday Song to him. Wah, abah was their favourite patient.

Presenting the suprise birthday cake.

However, abah only taste the cake a little bit.

He is now resting a home with a quite demanding atitude. Please do this,.. please take this,.. do clean this,.. blah blah blah!

Managed to take a long nap this afternoon and was rewarded with a brisk pain in my neck. Heh, I think I have sprained my neck... ouch!

Any remedies?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


AH, I've left this blog for quite a some time. Guess having metal block does is not a good excuse for me... By the way, wishing Selamat Hari Gawai and Hari Kematan for all the natives from Sabah and Sarawak.

I was so busy for this past few weeks. Abah (dad) was (and still is) admitted to the Orthopaedic Ward in Sibu General Hospital since 10 days ago. His right toe suffered gangrene...

Finally, after waiting for a right time, abah underwent a small amputation today. His fifth right toe was finally removed.

1800 hours... the two and a half hour operation was finally done.

Been fasting since this morning, abah can't wait to have his dinner

Faridah, my sister-in-law ponders if she could taste some of the food. Ehehehe

This is the toe that was finally removed.