Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Started to Rain.

(image taken randomly: UTHPSTR)

FINALLY, it was raining heavily today, twice. First at around 1500 for an hour and another, at 2000 till 2200.

The dry spell that we are having for two weeks, which was an irony considering the major flood we had during the last Chinese New Year (CNY), has now come to the end. I hope. I really do... No more odd yellowish sky at the moment.

At least, I won't complain much if my towkey still insist of having me ridden the motorbikes to Puspakom for inspection. Panas lor... (Heh, baru panas dunia!)

As the coming of the end of March, most of the people here started to renew their road-tax, especially for those which have expired for more than a year. The fuel rebate is going to end soon. Geez,.. since the CNY holiday, I was and still busy with the tons of workload I have to do, especially the insurance issuance.

Not to mention, the shuffling of the JPJ's staff (nearly all of the important one) slowed our work flow. And with a sarcasm from my work-mate, I have to do more than I could bear.

Heh, my chinese zodiac (rabbit) did perdict that up untill April, they will be back stabbing occasion in the office environment followed by a serious bad luck of health on April. I only have be patient and keep my mouth shut just to survive. Alamak!

But just two days ago, I admittedly, I gave a smirk to my towkey-nyior and tell her... "Buter ke (r u blind)?.."

(image from

Back to the rain,.. at least my life is 'cool' at the moment. Hik!..

Monday, February 16, 2009


REVAMPING my blog today for a fresh start. Huh, It was a hectic day to look for any free templates that I could use.

The results? You are looking at it. Changing my blog to a new layout mean that I have to discard few original features. Isk, goodbye Bojeng. I'll see you in the future, I hope.

In the mean time, this one will do. Notice I add more link at my Blogger's to Note. Just hope that those that have left their blog for a quite some time to update them.

Next issue: No more flood in Sibu. What do we have? Dry season for nearly a week there is no rain, except for a few short drizzle (which is almost doesn't count!).

Renovation of my house is almost complete. I'll post about it later.

P.S. : You can get free templates/layout for your blog at the bottom of this page. Millions thanks, again, to abah for helping me designing the title of this blog. * muahs*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adopt a Miracle!

SAD and anger filled my heart tonight watching the cruelty of some DBKL workers to the stray animals they caught. It was aired last night by TV3 through 360 degree programme. "To put to Sleep" is to kill the animal humanely, perferebably by injection, not by strangling/breaking the dog's neck nor by drowning the cats.

BABI la org kejam nie!

Just goggle for [DBKL animal cruelty} and you will know what I am talking about, not to mention other animal pound in Malaysia.

(Title post inspired by the ad by Yasmin Yusof)

Friday, February 06, 2009

New Item for the Year: Flood

TWO years in a row now. Each time, exactly this time of the year, Sibu has a new anticipated (hik) event:

F-L-O-O-D !

This is the second major flood that hit Sibu for two weeks in a row. I was busy helping Lim, a friend of mine, to move most of his belonging to higher ground. Most of them, though. He is now staying in my home for a while until the flood subside. Poor guy!

Poor me as well, for I cannot go out to have more fun in town anymore. Aisey... ehehe...

This bitch has nowhere to go. Poor buddy!