Wednesday, July 28, 2010

StarCraft II - Ghosts of the Past Trailer

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga with Lyrics ~!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Goodbye (RIP my Dear Brother)

YESTERDAY afternoon (Friday, June 2nd), I receive a phone call from Jamil, my first younger brother, urging me to rush to the ICU pronto, I was in the middle of a busy day in the office. Instinctively, after texting sms to Shahgul and Hanif, telling them that I am unable to fetch them at the wharf, I drove straight to the hospital.

“This is it,” my mind wandered as I drove.

A night before, around 0100, I stayed with him until my eyes can’t take it no more. Tiredness do demand a respect from us to get a rest. My mom was next to him reciting Yassin while atuk (grandpa) teaching him the Shahadah. Nothing much I can do on that night, beside holding his cold hand, and reciting al-Fatihah. The doctor has permitted us to enter the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), even though it was way after visiting hour. A CPR was preformed on him 5 minutes earlier, as he had a cardiac arrest.


“This is it,” my mind drifted again, as I walked through the walkway leading to the ICU. The walkway seemed quieter than usual as I passed by some people who are waiting for their own family member. Mentally, I have prepared for this – or at least I thought so… Their eyes, glancing at me, look different today…

The inevitable has occurred. A final visit to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Sibu Hospital, yesterday afternoon would be the last time we stepped our feet into that place... I saw Jamil broke in tears while waving for me. He broke the news to me, Johan, my second brother, has finally passed away. I was only 5 minutes too late…

I did not cry… Keeping my calm, after a brief al-fatihah recital, I hold my late brother’s arm, stroking his hair a little and gave a kiss on his forehead, then excusing myself to send few sms to Shahgul, Hanif, my towkey-nyior and my Facebook status.

My brother was admitted into the ICU for 32 days since May 30th and was treated for mycoplasma encephalitis, a type of a brain infection. Since then, he was also treated for Catheter Associated Pneumonia and liver impairment.

Yes, I did not cry,.. yet. But it was not easy. Nobody said it was.

The hardest part is how to break the news to abah (dad). With abah’s own weak condition, I reminded all the family members not to inform abah just yet,.. After a few discussion, Jamil and I will confront abah about the news, with neighbors to calm him.

Abah nearly fainted when we informed him. Before this, we never told abah about Johan’s real condition, only that he is stable and able to smile when mom cracked up some jokes and celebrated his 29th birthday on June 27th.

But abah fainted twice when the body has reached home at around 1600… Everybody was still in shock. Johan exhibits some good progress on the 10th to 30th days in ICU. Still unable to speak, he was able to blink his eyes and move some fingers. But it became deteriorate after the doctor performed tracheotomy on him. Fever also caught-up with him throughout his stay in there.

When the body was laid to the floor, and to be prepared for bathing and shrouding, I secretly went up alone to my room.

A silent burst of tears finally flowed along my cheeks.

I cried… I did cry…

Johan… my brother’s body was laid to rest this morning (next day) at around 1030 in a gloomy yet peaceful day.

Me and my family wish to convey gratitude to all the family members and friends who has showed their support (physically or morally) to us…

(Jutaan terima kasih dan pernghargaan kepada sanak saudara dan rakan taulan yang memberi sokongan dalam mengharungi musibah ini. Mohon halal dan ampunkan segala kesalahan, andai ada, arwah adik saya sepanjang perkenalan anda dengan dia… Andai ada apa-apa yang terhutang, sila hubungi saya sekeluarga dengan seberapa segera…)

Al-Fatihah… Rest in Peace, my dear brother…