Thursday, June 24, 2010



TIGA lima, or Three Fives, or 555, is a small book that synonym with debt. It is an unofficial small book that often used as an reminder of how much a person owe to another, usually between a housewife and the sundry shop’s owner.

Long use before the arrival of credit cards, this book gave the holder a power to purchase goods from the shop and paying the amount at the later days, preferably at the end of the months. It is a ‘credit card’ in the 80s.

In this gloomy month that I am experiencing right now, I am presenting this book for all the well-wisher who has (and will) wishes me greetings, especially my friends from and facebook. With my father’s health that seemed to be below the par, and my brother who is in his 25th days admitted in ICU, your greetings/wishes does glimmer some light of hopes to me.

Since I cannot repay the good deeds you have contributed, I’ll write your name in my personal 555 book, reminding me to repay them later…

Heh, I am 35 years old today… mid-30s... that darn burning massage cream is my companion!