Monday, February 16, 2009


REVAMPING my blog today for a fresh start. Huh, It was a hectic day to look for any free templates that I could use.

The results? You are looking at it. Changing my blog to a new layout mean that I have to discard few original features. Isk, goodbye Bojeng. I'll see you in the future, I hope.

In the mean time, this one will do. Notice I add more link at my Blogger's to Note. Just hope that those that have left their blog for a quite some time to update them.

Next issue: No more flood in Sibu. What do we have? Dry season for nearly a week there is no rain, except for a few short drizzle (which is almost doesn't count!).

Renovation of my house is almost complete. I'll post about it later.

P.S. : You can get free templates/layout for your blog at the bottom of this page. Millions thanks, again, to abah for helping me designing the title of this blog. * muahs*

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