Thursday, March 19, 2009

Petrol Station's Promo - what a bummer?!

BELIEVE it or not, petrol station at this part of the world are mostly operator assisted. It is true, a non self-service petrol station is a good marketing tools for a lazy Malaysian (like me, hik) rather to get out from their vehicle just to queue-up at the service counter and then rushed back to fill-up own transport, and watching the face of another vehicle driver behind you, staring at you for taking a lot of his time waiting for you to finish-up pumping the car (pun intended).

Different is, the word "Super?" is now uttered by mostly school leavers who worked there as part timers. No foreign worker in this field working in Sibu. No more "Lama? Baru? Hijau? Merah?" Ehehe

After filling-up my bike at Shell station this evening for merely RM5/- (full tanks), the operator gave me some pamphlets. Ah, promotion, promotion, promotion. This time: New Ferrari models with touch steering, as seen in the commercial. Cool!

Sadly, you have to puchase RM40, at least, worth of petrol first before you can purchase them. Shit!

Wa pakai motosikal jer maaa... Mana mau isi minyak banyak nie?!!!
(I only ride motocycle maaa... Where should I fill that much of petrol?)

If only the petrol company still remember the motorbikes user still exist...

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