Sunday, June 14, 2009


NOTHING to do or brag about for these past few weeks... Thanks to facebook, seems that all of the idea has been poured into it, leaving virtually nothing to blog. isk isk isk... Damn you, facebook!

A week ago, Abah celebrated his birthday at the hospital. My family and I gave a surprise wishes to him on that day, which fell on the same day as Agong's (Malaysia's King/Ruler) birthday. Aisey, have to adressed him as 'Tuanku' after this. Even the nurses pitched in by singging the Birthday Song to him. Wah, abah was their favourite patient.

Presenting the suprise birthday cake.

However, abah only taste the cake a little bit.

He is now resting a home with a quite demanding atitude. Please do this,.. please take this,.. do clean this,.. blah blah blah!

Managed to take a long nap this afternoon and was rewarded with a brisk pain in my neck. Heh, I think I have sprained my neck... ouch!

Any remedies?

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