Thursday, November 05, 2009

Life = Risk

WENT for an interview yesterday for a post as a clerk in the government sector. Being trying my luck all these years, but sadly, I guess, the probability for me to be a civil servant is rather slim.


People said that by working in a private sector, you have better career and salary compared to those in governments. Well, that is partly true.

TRUE if you are in a group of higher qualifications and are working in a big company. FALSE if you fall in the rest of the other group. Isk, isk, isk… I’m talking about the private workers here… The situation might be different if you are working in your own company.

However, considering the economical crisis we are bracing, landing a job is considered lucky.

I like my current job if you wonder (or not). There is a job satisfaction in the field I am currently ventured in. Though in a long run, I am stuck with what I am having right now. I need to consider what will becomes of me in 5 years time. No need the think further than that, if the first one is quite pathetic.

Might be this is a curse for not studying well (or using the opportunity) during my college years. No need to regret what have passed. And no need to be arrogant of what I have achieved (or not) for the so called ‘alternative blunders’ I took years back.


This is me.

I took a wrong path somewhere in my earlier life.

This is me.

I failed to make use the opportunity that were given to me during that day. Probably the unlucky ones would curse if they knew the gift was wasted on me.

This is me.

I will never let the past mistakes that I have done as an excuse for me to be a failure.


And for that, no matter what people said, as one of my weakness is “fail to acknowledge no as a definite answer”, I will keep trying, without any regrets, to do my best in any arrears I am in, and keep pursuing my realistic goals.

Realistic goals? Heh, now I am babbling…


If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.

Now I have to wait for at least 3 months if my interview yield any result.

Sorry for an anti-climax conclusion… ehehehe


bozzobattousai said...

kah kah kah...mat skema sungguh...

GraFiQuE said...

kan! ehehe susah ko nak nengok aku berpesen skema nie...