Tuesday, September 14, 2010

“Hajat di hati nak bergerek, apakan daya kaki ku patah…”


“Hajat di hati nak bergerek, apakan daya kaki ku patah…”
LET me introduce to you an idiom i created myself for the situation that overwhelmed my condition nowadays.

This idiom have two different interpretations, at least,  yet can be interchange with one another, depending on how is one’s perception, of course.

To explained the exact definition and what have happened to me that makes me come-up with this idiom, let me clarify the meaning of gerek.

Gerek (pronounced geghek) derived from a northern Peninsular malay slang meaning bicycle.  Hence the idiom above can be translated as “Wish that i could ride a bicycle, but I have a broken leg” – easily interpreted as one who wish he could accomplish a task but has to confront with a condition which makes him incapable to fulfill it.

Kaki ku patah (literally broken leg) explained one condition when you are unable to go anywhere, often because of the lack of transportation. People always exclaimed that if their vehicle is broken or in the workshop, their legs are also `broken’…

Another meaning of gerek, derived from Sarawakian language, bores the meaning of lover. Heh, you get the idea…. Bergerek, in Sarawakian is having a lover. Hence this idiom is translated that one wish to have a lover but unable to go somewhere to get it. This idiom is well suited for the people who are having a long distance relationship (LDR).

Arrrrr, I’m having all the above condition at the same time…

The closest old-school idiom for the above is the hyperbolic “Hajat di hati nak peluk gunung, apakan daya tangan ku tak sampai” (Wish that I could hug a mountain, however my hands could not reach it).

P.S.: My Gerek above is different form the one you can find in MTV Gerek Seh! hihihihi


kaljis aka onggon said...

Mena juak owh.. Gerek sinun ngan Swak lain bah hehe.. SLmt hari raya.. Maap zahir dan batin :)

Lee Zha said...


n 4 ur info bro..

gerek dlm bhs sarawak mksdnya


lau ikut ur title

hajat di hati nak ber-couple, apakan daya kaki ku patah...


jz joke, jgn mara haa~

Tilam said...

ok dah baca entri ni..bila nak tulis entri baru ni...tentang kerja baru?