Wednesday, July 06, 2011


GOT an email from the staff of JPA offering me an induction course which will be held in Tuaran, Sabah, on July 19th till 28th... and I have to pay RM50 as registration fee.

Erm, in the middle of the months, will a few crisis I have to encounter head-on first, I accepted the offer...

Beside of having the troubles of looking for a coat, batik shirt, etc,.. and my parents will be going to Kuching  for an operation on dad's right leg (yes, I never mentioned this to anybody yet), I have the troubles to look for someone to look after my dear cat.

Argh, in the middle of the months... monetary problems has becomes a norm to me... go figures! But this offer is to good to be ignored...

isk isk isk... Sabah, here I come! (July 18th - 29th)

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