Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 most beautiful Blogs Design.

AFTER much needed time and space for my own. I finally comes to the peak of internet - I'm bored! Eheheh. Even chatting in YM and mIRC does not yield anymore hype for me.

So, I decided to randomly blog-surf at the moment. and I finally found the list of 100 nice and beautiful blog design, compiled by Tell you, their blog design are awesome!

I love the doodles-type of blog.
"Just like the use of paper in web design, the use of doodles and hand drawn illustrations give an informal, friendly and accessible value to the website as well as giving a fantastic visual addition to the design," the author of Blog.SpoonGraphics explained.

My favorite is the blog design from Just click at the link on How it Works. Cool!

Adush! Feels like I should drop my nick for good!

P/S: I have passed my driving test. Ehehe.. Wait untill I got the licence, then it is official.

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