Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Hate Saturday

SATURDAY is the day I really hate. Ever since my schooldays, this day is nothing but a boring day for me. Heh, the only TV shows that aired every Saturday then was the Hindustan or Tamil movies. Enough is enough!

My off day on Saturday is quite boring. Deprived of my sleep during weekdays (and nights), I tried to catch-up my sleep debt on Saturday. But seems to be interrupted by my mom who always have the energy to nag me every hour. Isk. Not to mention the habit of her listening to the radio all day long in the maximum volume mode. Argghhhh.

On this weekend night, it seems that I have a very limited time to enjoy myself, since I have to go to work on Sunday as well. Good thing I work half day only on Sundays. Good, as I will have lots of time to hang around in town. (Syyy... My family thinks that I work full day on Sundays, ehehe)

And I have to continue my driving class tomorrow... at 0730 hrs. I passed my Pre-test on last Thursday. Cannot wait for my official Driving Test on Wednesday.

By the way,.. I hate Saturday.

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