Friday, May 01, 2009

Working on Workers' Day

HUARGHHHHH! That is my expression on any holiday nowadays. Working in an industry which demanded to be around all day long, 365 days non-stop, like what I am into, has lost the meaning of a holiday. Like the peon character in War Craft, "Work, work, work!"

Even yesterday, my towkey-nyior still insisted me to comes to work today! Even, asked me why I don't want to come to work on any public holiday occasion! Heh, the word 'MY RIGHTS' seemed easily back-fired to me!

So, out of a habit, on any public holiday, I will switched-off my hand phone so the office cannot call me. Just imagine the missed call alert I will received when I switched it on!

Happy workers day! I did make my nephew cried a couple of nights ago! He was looking forward for not having to go to school on Workers Day. I just told him, Workers Day is FOR workers only. School children still have to go to school! ehehe...

And I just realised that Workers' Day is not to celebrate us, as workers, but to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886. Erm, something we should not be happy about.

I am intended to my spend my day today mostly in bed. Sleep debt demanded some repayment. However, just as those lovely thought comes in my mind, my mom, without hasten, told me to cut the grass. Aisey, "Work, work, work!"

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