Saturday, April 18, 2009

I missed TRON

many years now I have been waiting for Astro to screen TRON.

Don't know why I suddenly remembered TRON. TV3 did aired the promo for the movie. Yet when the schedule date arrived, they just showed a different movie instead, without any fuss about it. First and the only time I watched this movie was through TV2, and I was in primary school then.

The movie even spawned arcade games and TRON 2.0, a second movie, currently is still in production, schelduled to be released on 2011

To my dismay, I can't find any TRON DVD being sold in Sibu.

And the only teaser trailer for TRON 2.0 (was taken secretly)... improved Light Cycle indeed.

Hope we can still be alive long enough for the movie... ehehee


bozzobattousai said...

dah merata KL aku cari dvd nih memang tak jumpa...dload pon xde...

Eisz said...

pe lagi, carik lah kat syarikat penyiaran. mesti ada punya. good luck!

guapunyahal said...

one of my fav too