Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Takziah (Condolence)

"Happy new year kawan. moga tahun baru akan beri lebih heng dan ong supaya lebih untung. Peace n as'kum."

(Happy New Year, buddy. May the new year gives you more heng and ong so you can get more prosperity. Peace upon you.)

IT must be him. I got this sms on the eve of new year. It must be...

A day earlier, I had a sudden cold-war with him. He used to greet me whenever we bumped into each other. But that morning, he just ignored me, talking with his clients and the JPJ's officers. He even dared to come to my office on the evening and and had a conversation with my towkey and towkey-nyior. Business disscussion, I presumed. I knew so well that he tended to treat the towkeys or officer better than the runners. So typical of a car salesman.

Disgusted, I merely walked away from the office that evening without spoking to him. He did the same as well. After 10 minutes later, when I came back to the office, he was still there, ignoring me. Reluctanly, I skimmed through the documents which he brought together, just for the sake of my opinion. Nothing wrong with them. I just said the documents was okay to proceed. Ten minutes passed by in the office with him around, ignoring me, was like a life-time of hell.

So, to avoid further unnecessary conflict, I walked away from the office again - this time for a quite some time. And that was the last time I saw him.

Receiving this sms, an unknown DiGi number, I knew it was from him. He has so many phone numbers, but the obvious gave-away was the double digits tendencies and the way he text me, every single style in this sms. Azlan, a runner from different company, also agreed that this sms must be from him. It must be...

Arriving late this morning to JPJ, Azlan approached me and delivered the news...

"Ada ko nengar pasal Supian?" (Have you heard about Supian?)

"Sekda ko. Pasal?" (Nope? What's up?)

"Supian ninggal marek. Eksiden di Bintulu." (Supian passed-away yesterday. Accident in Bintulu)

It must be from him. It must be...


Deepest sympathy and condolence for the friends and family of the late Supian. He has done no harm nor wrong, whatsoever, to me during our three years of friendship.


Sankai said...

hmm.. somehow or rather, i think you have a talent in telling stories. I liked the way you wrote on this posting.

Innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun.


puteRa said...

innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun,
kenak sampai jadi camtok, ibohlah gaduh2 sampai sik bertegor endah ya, tok sik pasal2 orang ya dah sik ada, walaumacamanapun, takziah untuk kamu, semoga roh nya dicucuri rahmat.....