Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year 2011 Eve

HAPPY New Year to all readers of this blog...

(into the unknown)

4 weeks already since I have step into the unknown. My new post as a government servant gave me new insight and hopes for my future, though we are supposed to be busy at the end of the year, literally, I have nothing to do yet at my new office, very different indeed if compared what I have experienced in the private sector.
Goodbye 2010... It was an emotional and challenging year for me, but a great bound at the end.

(dare to wear pink this year?)

Happy new year, everybody.. Sorry, got a writer block at the moment... will catch up later...

If you have nothing to do this new year eve, just watch the celebration online, in 3D... make sure you have the 3D glasses ready, though... So, what is your resolution for next year? Hihihih see u all next year...

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