Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missy, the Grumpy Persian

AH... long time no see... So much new stuff I have to do here in Betong... Yes, I am now a government servant in Betong, Sarawak.

The only drawback here is the super slow internet connection... isk isk isk

Not Much to do here, just the life pace is slower than what I had in Sibu... But then, maybe I will live longer because of that.

I even have a pet here... introducing, missy, the grumpy persian... ehehe


yusri said...

lama hang tak blogging? hahha apacer?..hidup berjalan perlahan la di sana? best jugak kalau sekali sekala...

Waja Replacement said...


Anonymous said...

A Cat??
When do you have pet?

Anyway: would like to ask for your help regarding internet explorer browsing.

Help: Camner nak buat internet explorer load TEXT SAHAJA tampa gambar dll semasa browsing.

Thank you.

P/s: Dulu ko pernah buat kat MIM Bookshop.