Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

COMPARED to other festivities, Chinese New Year (CNY) brought most of Sibu resident back into town! I mean, if during Gawai or Hari Raya, the town is almost deserted. Not during CNY... the town is buzzling with traffic jams and such. Not to mention the fireworks as well.

Compared to other festivities, this year, CNY is a happy days for me, for during these days I would get my bonus and angpows. Wah, I am a happy man during these days. Enough for me to give bonuses to my parents and purchased a brand new multimedia (2.1) speaker system with built-in FM radio for my PC worth RM105. Ehehe

Beside the usual angpows (one of the reason I like to be single), this year I got a suprise gift from my towkey-nyior... she personally bought a MAA's wrist watch for me, together with a reminder to be puntual in the future. Aisey...

This year bounty!

Remember Ah Siong? Just when I praised him again for his tatto...

closer view...

Tomorrow I have to come back to work, even for half-day only. The towkey will gives more angpow to the staff who comes to work tomorrow. Yippie yay yippie yo!

Happy Chinese New Year 2009! May the Ox gives more bullish start for you. I know I had one!

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