Monday, April 13, 2009

I Hate those Video

MAYBE the scooter was not fast enough, or maybe the 24 wheelers lorry (at least) was too fast...

I know what will happened to me if I decided to watch the video. I know what will I see if my thumb press the play button.

Thinking of it, the gruesome videos of any post-mortem being done on a body does not affected me much, nor the graphical scene of any aftermath of an ill-fated accident. Any ghost related video does not affected me at all.

Having an experienced as a Medical Laboratory Technician trainee indeed prepared my for the worse. Even doing my own revision alone in the University Hospital Medical Museum is a blissful moment for me. Those was the my precious yet wasted years...

I remembered the first time I watched any bloody horror flick. Hellbound Hellraiser series demanded my respect for originality. Faces of Death almost makes me puked. Final Destinations (FD) I, II and III are cool for me, though I did not watched IV. Freddy was a joke for me. Cannibal Holocaust? Naah...

When I was 18 years old, while waiting for my turn for pre-university compulsory medical check-up in the Hospital Emergency Unit in Alor Star (my uncle pulled some magical string so that I can have my test being done there), I saw a scene where a young 12 years old boy being carried out by an unknown person out of a red Datsun, just at the entrance. The boy and his mother was standing at the corner of a wall of a bus terminal before being hit by a passing bus. I saw a big tear on his right thigh, almost a someone has zipped open his skin from top to bottom, revealing the flesh and bone. I was okay watching the scene at the moment, until after my mind kept rewinding them over and over again. Sensing that I might faint, I quickly sat on a chair and lowered my head and took a heavy breath.

The video.

I hate those video, but I keep watching them.

(Warning: Reader discretion is strongly advised for the following description)
The scene was a busy mid-day four-lane highway. The scooter was trying to take the left lane. The lorry was just a few feet behind him. Maybe the scooter was not fast enough, or maybe the wheeler was too fast. Just in an instant, the front-right side of the lorry hit the ill-fated scooter. The scooter lost its balance. In instant, the rider fall to the right and just as he touches the tar, the left front tyre of the lorry hit him, mostly at his hip. He never knew what hit him. Just as he rolled over, once, the second set of the left tyres hit him. This time those double/twin tyres hit his abdomen, exactly at his stomach areas. This time, even for a millisecond, his face was facing toward the lorry. Maybe this time he had a chance to see what hit him.

Moment later, a burst of blood can be seen, splattered on the road as if you punctured a tight water-filled balloon. Moment later, my heart was pounding hard. The rider was split into halves...


I watched this video over my friend's hand phone three nights ago. I watched it twice. And even until now the scene keeps repeating in my mind. It is not the aftermath that affected me much but watching the process, the event, the how the fatal accident flashing in my eyes that bothered me. Since then, I felt very uneasy when riding a motorbike, thinking the every day risk we take.


marts said...

Ha ha ha aku tak boleh tgk filem2 gore ni. Semacam je rasa. Filem seram tak apa, janji jgn ada jenis potong2, pecah sana sini.

abah said...

Oh MY GOD. Siannyer ko dihantui dengan grafix sebegitu.

I WONT imagine the details that already been wrote here. Damn. Detail sangat.

TT-TT Scary duhhhh