Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tired, Cloud and Buttered Carrot

image: onebean

TOO tired to do much tonight, since the never ending workload and sleep debt keeps accumulating every day. Isk.

Just when I arrived at my home, mum, together with my sister, asked me to drive them to the Supermarket, just to do some groceries shopping. Aisey...

As a consolation, I took a picture of a lump of cloud. Erm, I thought I saw a fluffy teddy bear!

Reaching at the Supermarket, I was not in the mood to move around. So, I just sat patiently at one of chairs and spent most of my time watching people (cute, tasty one, of course) watching me watching them. Ehehehe.

My sis was dead hungry when we finally reached home at around 2100. Remembered the buttered carrot recipe that I have read from a friend's blog, I just give it a try. Not bad... taste like those sweet corn you bought at some small store, except for the excessive water that I accidentally added as gravy.

1 comment:

marts said...


Teringat lak aku paling suka ambil gambar2 awan.

Banyak dalam simpanan.

Mmg macam2 bentuk ada.

Orang kata bila kita tgk orang kita boleh belajar macam-macam. Tapi bukan takat tgk saja la.