Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aidilfitri Preparation

QUITE busy today, doing so many errands for Aidilfitri/Hari Raya preparation. From 0900 untill 2343,  I was on the run, with my brother, in his new Avanza (hik!). We fetched our younger brother from Kuching at Sibu Bus Station at around 2330.

Assuming Aidilfitri falls on this coming Wednesday (October 1st), Malam Tujuh Likur is scheduled on tomorrow (depending how do you count it - presuming it fall on the 3rd night before Raya or 27th day of Ramadhan). We decided to buy so many decorating lights, especially the `rice' type. With my somewhat fair knowledge of electronics, I managed to modify some of them. Heh, looks nice, by the way. (Sorry, no accompanying picture just yet)

Pelita (oil lamp) is strangely hard to find in Sibu nowadays. Fortunately we still have some 'last year leftover' that can be used. The gasoline (here we called as minyak tanah) is very expensive - RM3.20 per litre. I bought RM10.00 worth and it barely fills 1/3 of the bottle I carried it with. Isk

And my preparation is almost complete. Don't want to mention about my baju raya. Isk.

Holiday leave? My boss deliberately granted my leave very last minutes which only starts on this coming Tuesday, even withholding my salary and ang-pow. Huh, a typical boss who wanted for maximum usage of my service yet pay for minimum wages (or lesser). Now I have to come-up with an excuse for not coming this Monday... eheheh

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