Sunday, September 21, 2008

Banned from #MyChubs Dalnet

FEW days already past and my nick is banned from #MyChubs. Tengs dude!

Erm, the era of free (reasonable) speech, hug-able and harmonic groups; and firm-yet-wise-yet-merciful moderator is over.

(Really missed the departed GemokChub and HairyChub36, May Allah blessed their souls)

Some chatters still asked me the reason. Heh, not really sure lor. Better you asked the moderator(s) who banned me. For sure the bugger did not give me any explanation/reason.

How you can asked someone what he/she felt about you when the bloody keris is still on your hand? Feels free to explore this thought.

There is one peculiar white spot on the chicken poo. It is white, clean in colour... yet it is still shit!

Eheheh.. that is what I felt about the @ops, right now.. eheheh


abd al-Hadi said...

Like my dad says, "It's better to get pissed off, than pissed on!" But I think there is probably more to the story, than just that....

GraFiQuE said...

HUH, wish that he would tell me what happened and why? As they said, we must be prepare to be criticized if we are willing to criticize others.

Send my regards to your dad! :)