Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing to do

GOT nothing to do and nothing worthwhile to post these past few days.

Except for obvious facts:
  1. Fasting months - we have entered the second week... Another 2 more weeks for Hari Raya! (Alamak, zakat belom bayar lagi...)
  2. Internet connection for my office and home are slower (sometimes none at all) for these past few days. Tried to call the Customer Service, and what did I get? - "Sorry. Our customer representative is currently busy at the moment. Please try later." :(
  3. My brother finally got his new MPV - A new Toyota Avanza 1.5G. Did intervene during registration yesterday in order to get a better free Registration Number. eheheh QSQ6269. OK lor!
  4. I was banned (maybe for good!) from #MyChubs Dalnet. Huh, political reason, they said. A spy for BBM, I was accused. Get real! What to spy for? James Bond is not my fav movie. I guess, the new Ops is overwhelmed with his power. Kowser merk dgn ops yg giler kuaser. Maybe this foresaid channel is going towards its doom, again. (Abu, please do something about this. And get the facts right, this time!)
As I said, I have got nothing to report for these past few days.

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