Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrating Towkey-Nyior's Birthday

WORKS just ran well today, nothing out of ordinary, except for a nice surprise that the staff of Lee Hong gave to our towkey-nyior.

Ahaks, it is her birthday today.

When we bought the cake, the baker did ask us how many candles should we used.

"Kalau ikut umur dia mau tidak cukup kek ni maa..., " exclaimed one of our staff.

And the cake was ready as we planned. Good thing towkey-nyior was not around. When she finally arrived, around 1700hrs, we sang Happy Birthday and presented her with our humble cake. And wish for our pay to be raised. Eheheh.

Good thing than I am a smoker. I provided the fire for the candle.

Kiwi cake. Yummy... and i gorged two slices of it.

When I boasted about it in YM, my friends then asked me about one important detail;

"Ar, tak poser ker?"

Oops! ehehehe

Happy Birthday, Madam Lee!

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