Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year-end Goddies

AS usual, year-end is coming. Marking the end of the modern new year and the start of a new hopes and new promises. Don't expect to achieve much of the goals, though. Isk

By the way, "Wishing all muslim readers a Happy 1430H."

As usual, by this time I received some goodies from any corporate companies that I could get hold on. Ehehe, sometimes I love my jobs.

A Planner and Business Card holder from MAA

Any takers?

Maybe I will use them. Or maybe not, since I'm an impromptu/last minutes person.

Next year, what I have heard in my field of works:
  1. Rear seat-belt is a compulsory. But whether the driver or the passengers who will received the summon for not wearing them has not been decided yet.
  2. Half-shell helmet (a.k.a German's helmet) is also banned. Only complete full head-covered (open or the full faced) are allowed.
Banned! (source:

Allowed (source: Wikipedia)

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