Sunday, October 12, 2008

A day in the Market, Dabai Odyssey

Sibu's market, managed by Sibu Municipal Council

AFTER having out first lunch together since Ramadhan with Lim, a friend of mine, I decided to ask Lim to accompany me to the nearby market.

“What for?” he asked. “I don’t like to mingle with so many crowds” he added.

“Then, wait till they build the market by the cemetery…” I answered sinically. Reluctantly, he followed me to the market.

It has been a while since I visit the market. I love to watch people there. I love to see what type of stuff the sold there. I love the open air window-shopping. And I finally found what I came for…

Buah dabai’s (dabai fruit) season has arrived.

This is dabai fruit

One of my long waited delicacies, dabai is black fruit with a large pit (or stone) which we always consumed together with soy sauce or salts during our heavy meals. It was very hard at first, but will eventually soften after being soaked in lukewarm water for at least 15 min.

soaked in lukewarm water

add soy-souce

brpphh! excuse me...

What does it taste like? Erm, get half spoonful of your favorite best margarine, add a pinch of salt and sugar and enjoy! That is the closest taste I can tell you.

Last week dabai was priced at RM 20.00 per kilo, since the availability was limited. Now, you can get it from as RM 8.00 to RM 12.00 per kilo, depending the size and quality. I bought the best I could find at RM 8.00. In earlier time, it was sold in chupak or kong (in small tin can size, if you wonder). Now in kilos.

Not just dabai, I also found a variety of local delicacies today. From buah engkalak (acquired taste), to terap (ever heard of a pantun `buah terap berderap-derap’ and wondered what does it look like?) to the famous ulat mulong (live beetle-worm found in the bark of Sago Palm).

Tried to be brave by putting one of the worms onto my palm. But the facts it wriggle vigorously and can bite make me pass the thought. Ehehe

Come, and visit Sibu... And I will show you more!

natural bath sponge, or for cleaning cookware/plates

buah terap (RM 3.00 each)

buah engkalak

ulat mulong

Dared to try? Can be fried or eaten raw and alive. Taste as peanut, they said.

The person who sells the mulong

By the way, did I forgot to mentioned about the durians? Erm...


The Wan And Only said...

Dah try ke makan ulat tu?

GraFiQuE said...

wan... tak berani aku nak makan.. lagi pon kesian laks aku tengok nyer terkial2 dlm bakul.. lain ler kalo dah digoreng/bakor.. eheheh

P.S: Teringat masa makan belalang suatu masa dulu... takder isi, rasa hangus jer.. ehehe