Saturday, October 11, 2008

Learning to Drive, the Beginning

Institut Memandu Maju Jaya, just a block from JPJ

LAST week, after tired of being the only driver for the family, on the way home from visiting relatives, abah suddenly stop his car by the roadside and told me, “Next week you’ll be taking driving lesson. No excuses this time and I’ll pay!”

With a somewhat poor smile (that because I just had my right molar removed), I agreed.

Ah Hee, my will-regret-me instructor

Early this morning abah and I went to a nearby Driving School for registration. The driving instructor who will teach me is Ah Hee, happens to know me and abah very much.

To her horror, she just find out that I never drive a car before (abah told her that I have the experience just to get RM100 discounts!). After some discussion, my first driving class will be on next Friday, 1845hrs. Huh, talking about my first on-the-road lesson on night!

So, I attended the compulsory 3 hours theory and 2 hours practical classes. Typical to nowadays Malaysian spirit, my entire new course mate never talks to each other. The just sit there, silently, and sank in their own thoughts. Some even just took a long nap throughout the day.

As I am in mid 30s, I thought I was the eldest student. Wrong! One daddy attended the class is 53 years old and another is in his mid 40s. And I just find out this evening that one of them is actually my neighbor. Ehehe :P~~

Waiting for the lecturer to arrive. 31 student attended the class today.

Ah, the table, with graffiti. Doesn't that reminds you on good-old school days?

A young tattoed chubby student. So alert before the lecturer arrives, but falls asleep during the class.

The class started with a boring and hard to understand explanation.

Practical class: very lay-back style!


The Wan And Only said...

Baru nak belajar memandu ker? Huhuhuhu... kenapa lamat sgt?

Imran said...

Ingat aku sorang je yg tak reti2 nak drive lagi. Rupanya ada member gak. Hehe

GraFiQuE said...

ahaks.. tuh pon kena pakse... kalo la duittuh diguna utk beli barang lain, kan besh...

P.S: prefer to has own driver... mcm naik bas tuh, bas jenama mercedes lagi.. ehehe