Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nyeh... no idea! (suei)

@upin01 KINDA a suei (chinese: unlucky) day for me today with a particular motorbike that I have to drove to Puspakom - a new blue colour Honda Wave 100. Isk

@upin02 It even don't have enough fuel to be ridden to the Petrol Station. Stuck in the midway, in the middle of the day, I had to wait for nearly half an hour just for a friend to push it to the station.

@ipin02 After had it filled for only RM2.00, I continued my journey to Puspakom only to find that the place was already closed for lunch. Alamak!

@ipin01 So I proceed to JPJ and parked it at the JPJ parking space which only designated for the staff. And again, the JPJ's chief (we call him as KC) caught me and held my helmet for ransom. Suei!

@kakros01 Luckly it was Friday, so I just drove back to home without helmet.


In the evening, I continued my driving class. Only today that I came accross with the term 3-point turning! ahaks

P.S. Use goggle/yahoo to find what is 3-point turning, k!

Do enjoy this short film:

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