Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ends of Hari Raya

HARI Raya is finally over, for me at least. But we still welcome any guests which come to pay their visit into our home. True to Aidilfitri's spirit, some still celebrate it throughout Syawal.

On the seventh night of Aidilfitri, I got a surprise visit from JPJ’s staff from Kuching. Erm, haven’t seen them for at least 3 years. Gave quite a long hugs and the rest is all well, except for the fact that this group arrived at 2300 hrs. My mom was already went to bed!

Erm, still in holiday mode, I still managed to catch-up with some of the workloads my towkey-nyior left for me. Deepavali is coming, but we in Sarawak did not celebrate it. So, no public holiday for us.

This is my third year celebrating Raya in my hometown. In the end, my pocket money is nearly depleted. isk

Handsome visitor from Labuan, an army from Selangor who married my aunt.

My abang (JPJ Kch), nice suprise visit indeed...

Encik Jamalludin Said, high-rangking officer in JPJ Kch. Funny things, he doesn't mind if I prefer to addressed him as 'abang'. Serious but lovely fellow.

Other members in the JPJ's party. I was told they are from Sarikei.

So this is my last greeting on this Hari Raya for you all:
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

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