Monday, October 13, 2008

Meeting Osama's Lost Twin.

THE internet connection at my office was down today, so I rushed to MAA buildings just to issue some cover notes.

In the afternoon, I took the liberty by calling Mr. Ahmad, my friend who works as an officer for EPF. His office is just a block away. We chatted with all out hearts out. And I managed to take some picture of him to be put into my blog, with permission of course.

He then told me to look for videos in youtube and search for ‘Osama lost twin’. Just to share you guys what the video is about… Ahaha.

I told him he has another ‘twin’ who lives near to my home. After mentioning the name, Ahmad then stated that the person IS his real brother. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

this entry is kinda weird for me heheheheh

GraFiQuE said...

just a weird posting... that's it!

- for someone who has nothing good to post nowadays... ehehe