Monday, December 22, 2008

LomPok, returned!

LAST night, while waiting for my parents to arrived home, Lompok showed-up suddenly at the door step.

Been missing for nearly 4 months, Lompok, without any scratch on his body, nor losing any weight, just do what he normally do - meowing so loud non-stop without any reason.

Huh, welcome back, buddy!

And until now, this bugger still bugs me and my family with his meows. Isk


Imran said...

wow.. getting back a long lost pet. this must be one of your most joyful day

GraFiQuE said...

not really.. at first i chased him away, thingkin' it is just another horny cat (hiks), until my sis cried LomPoK! loudly.. confirming that this is the cat I picked-up at a ditch somewhere at town. Erm, it's constant meowing non-stop really irks me. But, still.. I love him as such!

apis said...

i think he was horny indeed like the owner. Larikkk

budleee said...


wah he came back? after 4 months.. sah kena buang dgn owner lain kot :D