Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mini Gathering

SUDDEN phone call last night interrupted me from my usual habit - surfing. It is from Khalid, a friend of mine from school years.

Ah, we have a surprise visitor from Kuching. Without delay, I rushed to the food stall in Taman Harmoni just to see him. Rhyier is in town!

Rhyier, now working in UNIMAS. A Muslim convert who always laugh and smile.

Khalid, a teacher, married with a classmate of mine. Ehehe.. Dah berapa anak dah?

Mahmud, working in Sibu Hospital. Also has a class F company of his own. Congrats!

So, only four of us, we chatted with all out heart out. We were separated with our own lives since 1995. To meet them now has a welcoming feeling indeed.

With his Nikon camera, Rhyier took our picture to the max. Can't wait for him to upload the pictures into his facebook. I made a promised to him that I will visit him this coming Chinese New Year in Kuching.

Finally, I a have a good reason to be visiting there...

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Abdul Khalid said...

grafique, i just want to congratulate u for maintaining this blog. and thanks for the coverage on our mini gathering with rhyier. keep up the good work. all the best for this coming 2009.