Wednesday, December 03, 2008


SECOND day since my parents and my sister flew to Kedah for vacation. Only me and my brother stayed home - as unofficial guard-dogs.

Erm, "Line clear!", my mind keeps ringing. Now I have to wait for my brother to has his occasionally impulsive urge to go outstation. eheheh.

Bored to death yesterday evening, I decided to drive abah's kancil to town, alone. Huh, boleh la... I managed to start a queue from my home to town and vice versa, twice.

This afternoon, with a brave heart (or maybe idiot) I dared Ah Siong to show me his tattoo. As a Reposeser, most people find him as a threatening person. But, once you know him, you will find that this fellow is a gentle tiger with a cute face,... as long as you don't cross the line. I'll reach that line soon.

After deliberately said that I adore his tattoo (hik), he took off his shirt in front of me and allowed me to took a snap (his pict of course, ehehe). Even his friend cum assistant was surprised, whispered me that I must be lucky today because his boss today must be in a good mood.


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