Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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TIRED of my working day today, since I have to catch-up the whole three days of work (payback for Sunday, Monday and today!). Geez... the accumulated chores at the office with the never ending workload. And what do they said?

"Cepat lor!..."

Sometimes I think that my towkey-nyior and my office-mates are blind since childbirth!

This is all happens when the unexpected becomes expected. Makes me regret to offer more helps in the future. Typical of them, once you help them do some errrans, they will force you to do the same stuff again, and again... You are a lazy bum if you don't do that. Even any holidays does not give any meaning to them. Work, work, work! Well, if no double-pay, don't expect me to turn-up! And don't bother to call on my off-day (my hand-phone seems deliberately out of batery). I deliberately forgot to charge them. Oops!

Erm, these days I don't have any hearts to go out as often as I did. Most of my outstation friend are not available. Most of them are buzy preparing for their Christmas. I wonder why I have so many outstation friends...

Trying to post about lonelyness, I found out (while image-surfing with Cooliris) that there are more lonely guys out there who seems to have sadder days than me. At least, I still have the energy and hope to find someone. Isk

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apis said...

alalala...give him some lurvee....dah jgn sesedeyy