Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Uh, Recurrent Mistakes! (a.k.a. History)

AFTER more than 9 years, I got a sms message from someone I knew, dearly. Ah, DiGi-KL #. After more than 9 years, my ex (S, for short, ehehe) gave me a call... Huh, Daddy M must gave S my #. So, we conversed, as expected, and S has the nerve to ask me if I still loves and missed S!

"I do, partially" - my sincere replied.

And both of us keep exchanging sms... No calls for now, except from S's side. My credits will easily run out like water if I did.

Still, I'm wary now... The loves and pains between us still linger in my heart. This is what we called history. History is an event that took place and will repeat itself. Thus, at this moment, my history is going to resurface itself, again and again... Until now, I haven't got any apology from S on what happened between us, especially in Kulai.

Just this evening, S sent me another sms, telling me that there is 2 anak-ikan keeps sending S messages, one in Seremban and another, Telekom's staff, somewhere in Selangor. When I asked why must S tell me this even though we are not couples anymore, S replied;

"Lupa lah.kita penah couple? saja je nk citer kat ko.aku tau,ko masih lagi minat n nk kan aku kan?" - S's exact sms.

(Forgot. Have we ever coupled b4? Deliberately to tell you. I know, U still adore and want me, aren't u?)

I then replied;

"Udah la. Usah ditambah ego tuh. Camanapon kenangan lalu tinggal kenangan.Ada baik nya kita dok jauh, tak nyusah sesapa, tak berhutang apa2. Ko dgn dunia ko, aku dgn dunia ku. Biar sedikit pertindihan. Usah ditambah, jgn dikurang."

(Stop it. Don't increase ur ego. Let the past memories becomes memories. There's a good reason both of us lives further apart. Urs in ur world, and mine in my world, won't troubles nor owe anybody else. Let there be some overlaps but don't add more nor decrease)

Our conversation abruptly end here, at the moment.

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