Monday, August 04, 2008

What's this with Cats & Dogs?

REALISED it or not, I'm an animal lover, especially for cats. I can tolerate dogs too, even though I'm a muslim.

Currently, I have 7 pet, just love them. I, however, have thought of neutered some of them, but my mom doesn't allowed me to do it, stating that it is cruel.

Some of the strange facts of my cats and dogs rearing:
  1. Most of my cats originally are stray cats. Once and a while, bringing one or two kittens (sometimes adult/pregnant) home makes my mom furious!
  2. In 2000-2006, when renting a home in Kota Samarahan with my former partner (an avid animal lover as well), we did rears up to 25 cats at the same time! Just imagine the awe that we get from the neighbour (and irks from the landlord, ehehe)
  3. At the same year, I confess, reared 3 stray dogs at my workplace. The dogs were abandoned by the neighbor when they moved away. Feeling sorry for the dogs, I started to feed them. It's true, the dogs, no matter how big and fierce they are, are loyal to the one who feeds them.
  4. The last time I praised a black puppy for it cuteness was in 2005. I remembered when I told my neighbour that his chained puppy was the cutest eva, he just smile. The next day it was gone. When I asked neighbour's daughter about it, to my horror, the puppy was their special menu for dinner. Yikes!
  5. In my life, I have reared a three-legged cats; a paralysed kitten; a cat that allergic to human (sneeze everytime when people touch her!); a purely white cats that thought that she was a royalty; a cat that when she took a nap in front of a toilet, looks very much alike as a wash-out rug (kain buruk la) and a an adult cat, that has seizure every now and then.

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