Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ipin & Upin (TV9)

FOR the TV channel that I love to hate, surprisingly, it has the best series, which by far, has taken my heart away! *sign*

Any rebellious youngsters (and adults too!) that frequently watch TV9 must probably are forced to watched them by their parents. Good for you! Sapa suruh u all lawan orang tua? Kan kena hukum tengok TV9? Hahaha!

Thanks to ASTRO, almost every night, my parents frequently get hold of the remote and switched to TV9… the Quran recital, Nasyid, etc.. are on air. You get the idea: this channel is catered to Muslim viewers, in general, and Malays in particulars. For those who live anywhere beside the Peninsular, you can watch them in through ASTRO or through the net.

To be somewhat fair, the cutest and best series it has offered is not from the TV itself - I got it from You Tube.

Ipin & Upin. – The best local animation so far, and was aired exclusively by TV9 (Aisey, 20 points for TV9). I can’t believe my eyes (and mind too!) that I love to watch them. Even though it was sooooooo last year, for me, it is quite refreshing.

Just hopes that TV9 will keeps to its mark! Dekat di Hati.

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