Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AFTER much thought and considered opinion from the people around me, I have made my decision. It was hard. Part of me wanted to go, and the rest told me to stay.
Ditelan mati mak, diluah mati bapak
  • Tried the Pro & Cons Approach: - ah, same result!
  • Tried asking for firm opinion from friends: - some are for, and some are against. Interestingly, most (not all) of positive opinion I got are from the people from the Government Sector.
  • Tried to bring it into my dreams, just in case: - Did not remember anything accept for a background song sung by Illyana. Huh, just like talking about my dream's soundtrack!
  • And tried my last resort: - called the office directly this morning and asked for more information. What I did find out that there is no permanent vacancies available, and this post was not in the past advert that I have applied for. The higher pay is already included with the allowance.
So, I've decided to
DECLINE the offer
and wait for another chance
(which may or may not come by...)
Did thank the person (Mr. Dusil) for his consideration and asked him to call me if anymore vacancy available in the future, especially for Sibu or Kuching.

Thank your all for your opinions, heated forum in Mychubs (mirc Dalnet), friends from BBM and YM last night.

Guess that I will stay longer here than expected… ehehe

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