Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kenduri Kesyukuran & Kegelapan!

KENDURI Kesyukuran & Kegelapan

What's in the hell does both of the above got in common? Guess what, both were held at the same day (yesterday)... and I've experienced it with mixed feelings - gratitude and disgusted!

Kenduri Kesyukuran

We held a small kenduri yesterday, for my second brother who will be going to PULAPOL next week. His application to be a policeman is finally accepted. Heh, just hope that this young everyday rioters will be a good serviceman in the future.

One advice I gave him: Your room is mine!

Now, looks like I'm the last one who still has no luck in government sector. *sigh*

P/S: Anyone knows the simple English colloquial for Kenduri? To call it as Thanksgiving Ceremony is too American!, and no turkey!

Kegelapan (Blackout!)

It is good thing that the kenduri was held on the evening (started around 1630hrs). Just around 1830hrs, power blackout occured throughout Sarawak (except for Bintulu), twice yesterday, and once today (0800hrs). If not for the blackout, I would post this blog yesterday.

Because of the blackout, we had to keep the front door open. It was hot. It’s nice to have a wonderful fresh breeze of air that night. Me and my family, together with some relatives gathered around, chatted about any topic that came out that night, with occasional sound of slapping, now and then!

Dammed those mosquitoes!

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