Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hazy Sibu

"JINGLE bell, jingle bell, and jingle all the way… The Haze is coming to town!" Ehehe.

About four days already, Sibu has not received any rain. The atmosphere was quite hot, even though it’s windy. And the day time was quite longer than usual for these past few days.

  • 0800hrs – The sky was quite cloudy today, with few visible spot of blue sky. But the air was dry.

  • 1200hrs – What can you expect with one hot afternoon? Dry air, burning heat (figure of speaking, of course) and tired sore eyes. After having lunch at home, I took the liberty of taking a short nap. Ehehe, the perk of my jobs!

  • 1500hrs – Erk! It’s official. Haze has just arrived in Sibu. And some people started to cough… Makes me wonder, if it caused by me, smoking recklessly. Ahaks. When will you felt that you are somewhere in urban London, or Europe, or Paris at this hour? “Wah, teringat merk masa kat Genting, yu…” I jokingly exclaimed to my colleagues.

  • 1630hrs – Erm, talking about ironic, rains drizzled in the town for a moment. At least it will compensate the hot weather today… Or maybe not, when I reached home, it was plain dry as nothing ever happened.

Read on the internet, hazy days are expected to continue for a little longer. Erm, this has becomes a new season for Malaysia. Every year, it’s the same. What can we do, besides the usual stuff, is turning it into a contest: which place has the highest API reading and vice versa. I bet you’d be proud if your place top in the Chart of Malaysia Top API.

In the mean time, do let me light my cigarette. Ehehe. *poof*

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Big Tub of Chocolate said...

The smoke from the cig u lit will add to the haze... yes? Hihihi...