Saturday, August 02, 2008

How to save video from Youtube / and some info on FF3

LET me share to you few tricks of mine... some of you might find an interesting video from youtube and wish you can save it in your computer.

A - download and install youtube-downloader-ultimate from apowersoft (just look for it in google/yahoo) and use it at your own perils. Copy the link from youtube (at the link-bar menu of your browser) and you can convert it straight away to you prefered format. However, the quality is pathetic!

B - my style:
  • Install Firefox3 (FF3) as your internet browser
  • Install Adobe Flash Player, currently version 9 for Firefox
  • Install Adobe Media Player, or latest version of Real Player, with the former is preferable. You might be asked to install Adobe AIR as well... just accept it!
  • Under Add-on (Tool - Add-ons of FF3) Get DownloadHelper
When visiting Youtube site, the DownloadHelper icon will automatically activate, thus you can quick-save with an ease of a mouse-click. While downloading, you can proceed to other link of your prefereble video, and keep adding files to download. All files are save in flv format, though, i.e flash format. Do not convert them in avi format (these feature are available in DownloadHelper) since avi mean that u can only listen to sound, not picture. Unless you're happens to download a soundtrack/songs from youtube. Adobe Media Player, is a good player to play all these flash movie. Try to look for video with HD (high-definition) quality.

Not just youtube... DownloadHelper will save any video/clip you like from any site you visited. Trust me, this comes very handy if u stumble (or deliberately, ehehe) to a free downloadable porn site. Wah, what a pervert!

Up-to-date, FF3 is the most secure and realible browser to use. It is fast, doesn't consume much memory as IE and more stable.

Some of my fav and useful add-on feature that I loves to share:
  • PicLense - your FF3 browser now becomes a 3D browser, something like Vista., but better... very cool indeed. Don't worry, my computer was purchased 8 years ago, with a much slower power (RAM and such) than what u might have... but FF3 is a heaven for me. Btw, PicLense also works with other type of browsers.
  • Colorful Tabs - colors (US English!) every tab in different colour... Pretty!
  • Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer - sinchronized your bookmarks when u use more than one computer (in your office, and another in your home).
  • Undo Close Button - the tittle said it all!
The only downside of FF3, is you cannot visit Microsoft Homepage for any upgrades/installation (huh, go figures!). In other words, don't uninstall your IE just yet!

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